Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Always Sunny" NOT Molesting Babies

An interview with one of tv's funniest writers, Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia (now starring Danny Devito)

Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaAlways Sunny in PhiladelphiaAlways Sunny In Philadelphia Fox recently rebroadcast some of the first season's episodes, and they were heavily bleeped. Do you think the material works better on a cable channel like FX?

Day: Sure, I think it works better on FX. If we knew we were going to get censored, we would have written the show to get bleeped during more intentionally comedic times. But unfortunately, we got bleeped when they deemed it necessary. Actually, a few of our episodes we couldn't even get on Fox.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Which ones?

Day: Like, the abortion one. They basically said which ones we could and couldn't have on. We were grateful for the opportunity to put whatever on [Fox], so we didn't try to argue with them. So they were cool with the "Charlie Gets Molested" but not "Charlie Gets an Abortion"?
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Day: Apparently, America doesn't have any problem with molestation. As long as those babies are alive, they're here for you to molest them. I guess I should add a disclaimer to this interview that the thoughts expressed here don't necessarily reflect those of TV Guide.

Day: That's probably a good idea...READ IT ALL IN ITS HILARITY

Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaAlways Sunny, Thursdays @ 10pm (7pm on DTV)

Star Gets It From Queen Ted C


Backstage Sass
I've appeared on The View a few times (three, to be exact-a-rooney about it). Was always a blast, a little bitchy, and most pleasant. After all, what's more gonzo than gabbin' with a bunch o' broads? Nothing. Wanna know why? Because men are typically unnecessarily acidic when they gossip--which, by the by, they do much more so than do gals, I'm convinced--the femmes just know how to have fun with the juice!

Except for Star Jones Reynolds, that is.

Every time I was on that morning talkfest, off-camera, the women--especially Barbara Walters and Joy Behar--were incredibly gracious with me. Oh, with the single exception of Star, that is. She would barely acknowledge me, even when I said hullo.

Mind you, I've never written more than three words about the woman, not really interested. But she always had a way of laser-daggering me with those little eyes of hers, as if she was going to hate me, regardless, just in case I ever did write something about her in the future.

Well, here it is, Ms. J.R.: I'm a writin' about you now, so maybe, just maybe, you were onto something all along...TED LETS STAR HAVE IT, OMG

Pirates 2, Queer

Johnny DeppDepp proud of Sparrow's sexual ambiguity

Wednesday, June 28 2006, 16:11 BST - by Daniel Saney

Johnny Depp has revealed that he is proud of the ambiguity of his Pirates of the Caribbean character's sexual orientation, since it adds a touch of realism.

Depp, who plays the slightly camp Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, assumed this position after reading Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition by Barry R Burg.

He now feels that the ambiguity is fitting as he suspects that the living situations of real pirates may have encouraged them to experiment.

"I like the idea of [Jack] being ambiguous because women were thought to be bad luck on ships and these pirates would go out for years at a time," Contactmusic quotes him as saying. "So, you know, there is a possibility that one thing might leads to another. You're lonely. You have an extra ration of rum..."

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest hits screens on July 6

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jewel, Gnarls Barkley Best Albums 2006?

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland

Jewel's finally on her way, lyrically and musically.
I've been together, but alone.
I've made love without love being shown.
I've seen sorrow in a pair of dice,
All things that came in two's made me cry
Until tonight.

So I drive to you tonight
I was blind, now I have sight.
I could not leave you even if I tried.
You're heart beats inside of me.
Like a star in the dark of night,
Like birds lost in flight.
The clouds in the sky are blue
I belong with you.
Test Jewel's "Drive To You" for yourself, it's a mad good beat

Gnarls Barkley, the new Beatles. St. Elsewhere
I'm sure someone else will say it soon too. At the very least it's like Moby's "Play" before that was sold down the river.

Hey, hey, hey, there's truth in the thunder
Love in the lightning, the feeling is frightening
Yeah, isn't it exciting?
I'm something like stormy weather
If I weren't we would never
Huddle together, do I have to tell you
That I'm also the sunlight, that shines shortly after?
I just rain cause I have to, on to another chapter
I wish you lots of laughter
Til the next time you see me
Just remember you need me, I'm the storm coming
(And I come, I come, I come, I come)

Check out Storm Coming from Gnarls Barkley, tell me if you agree.

The Star Wars Themed performance of "Crazy" was S-W-E-E-T

Galaxy Quest, Rent It Tonite!

One of my favorite films, Galaxy Quest.

Best of performances by:
Tony Shalhoub,

Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan in Galaxy Quest

Sam Rockwell, Sam Rockwell as Crewman Guy (Fleegman) in Galaxy Quest

and Alan Rickman.

Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest

I never really liked Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco in Galaxy Quest

or Tim Allen,

Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith in Galaxy Quest

but they as well leave good impressions in this gem of a movie.

Formulating a Galaxy Quest Style Attack

Seems like Science Fiction or Fantasy, but all it really is? Alien Consideration from Galaxy Quest

Good Moviemaking. A supposition most anyone would be enthralled by: what if well loved fiction were true?Ultimate Fan Justin LongIt's a personal fave in books by Neil Gaiman or the 80's child flick The Goonies, we all want something to be real other than what is. from time to time at least.

Looking back on this beautiful piece of film, Galaxy Quest,galaxy_quest_001
you see quite a few actors on the edge, for some a fading career, for others a beginning brilliance. justin long fan art
Including Veronica Mars's dad. who rocked on just shoot me, which did pull a way passable news radio (being the best thing on tv with no one watching, a quite popular american pastime even before arrested development).Enrico_Wallpaper_640

Daryl Mitchell in Galaxy Quest before Spinal InjuryDaryl_Wallpaper_640 Daryl Mitchell Galaxy Quest EdAfter injury and subsequent roles on Ed (NBC) and Spike Lee's Inside Man.


Fun Galaxy Quest Links
Spaceballs vs. Galaxy Quest Grudge-Match!
The Questarian Galaxy Quest Fonts, Icons, Graphics, Sounds and more.
Galaxy Quest for 8.99 on Amazon

Monday, June 26, 2006

Blu-Ray Sales slow

Blu-ray player sales off to a slow start Consumers adopt 'wait and see' approach in high-definition DVD war

Jane Hoskyn, 26 Jun 2006

Samsung's high-definition Blu-ray DVD player finally went on sale in US shops on Saturday, but early reports suggest that the players are not flying off the shelves.

Roving Gangs of Drag Queens Attack New Orleans

“A couple weeks ago, a group of them was outside and one looked like the guy who came in here and ripped us off so I locked the door on them,” Celino said. “I know maybe that’s rude, if they really were innocent people, but there’s nothing else we can do. You look like the queens who ripped us off so I’m sorry but I have to lock the door.” - New Orleans CityBusiness

Bitches will have what they need. Considering that area "escaped flooding"/systematically protected at the cost of other land predominantly settled by african americans, i'm not surprised.

black drag queens coming and taking your shit, you better watch out for the boldest of us.

still robbery and stealing ain't right, they'd have to take the whole town to even correctly approach the cost. ;)

i wonder what the response from the african american community will be? this would be a good time to recognize the fierce as adding something good to the minority whole, don'tcha think?

Oh, I'm so very radical.

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp and Pirates 2 Premiere!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

DVD Analysts Stupid To Not Consider PS3?

Analyst predicts stalemate in next-gen DVD war
Just as video game companies routinely publish games for use on different gaming systems, the majority of studios will soon be publishing movies for both HD DVD and Blu-Ray, Crotty said, adding that the resources and effort required to publish on two DVD formats are significantly less than programming video games to work on other consoles. - EETimes

Buy the PS3 - $499

Should the Blu-Ray player work correctly in the PS3, AND the blu-ray pops out it's purported 250 gb disc, I think non-compressed video and audio will win the day...


17 Jun 2006 by thefayth

Sony PS3 Cheats In Console Wars

9 Jun 2006 by thefayth

Swearengen Pissed Deadwood Cancelled

ian mcshane from deadwood

"I thought the whole thing was handled shabbily," the actor says by phone from Los Angeles. "But what the f-, HBO and 'Deadwood' have been very good to me. [The show's] Al Swearengen has been one of the great characters of my career.

"However, I think what's been lost in everybody slapping each other on the back, with a possible two two-hour movies to wrap up the series after this season, is that 'Deadwood' is one of the most acclaimed series on TV. A truly great show. So I was initially shocked. And now I'm sad."

McShane says that the blame for the cancellation will always be like Kurosawa's "Rashomon," three versions of the same story.

"You'll never know what the f- really happened," he says. - read it all at the ny daily news

Happy Gay Pride Anderson Cooper!

from the ny daily news:
Happy gay pride, Anderson! You too, Shep!

what a new way of saying "open secret"!

Fictional Myspace Band Booked

Hype and glory
fictional myspace band hope against hope
As Alan McGee books a made-up band, Dave Simpson looks at the science of creating a buzz

Tuesday June 20, 2006
The Guardian

It worked for Arctic Monkeys; it worked for Sandi Thom. No one should be too surprised that another act have now used the MySpace website - which spreads word of a band (and their downloadable songs) via a growing network of internet "friends" - to launch themselves to stardom. The difference is that Hope Against Hope are a scam, a spoof indie band "with no talent whatsoever" invented by Q magazine in order to prove that the Rupert Murdoch-owned site is now just another cog in the older industry phenomenon of hype.

After just four weeks, Hope Against Hope had a devoted fanbase. Alan McGee - once a member of Tony Blair's Creative Industry Taskforce, and the man who discovered Oasis and the Libertines - even offered them a gig at his influential Death Disco club night...

Hope Against Hope Myspace

Where the Wild Things Are

EW: You've also just finished work on Spike Jonze's half-puppet,half-computer-animated adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are.

FW: Yeah. It's a pretty good cast. The first time we [Benicio Del Toro, Michelle Williams, and the other Wild Things voice actors] got together as a group, we went up in the hills into
this big Styrofoam world with all these big Styrofoam trees that we're hitting each other with. We were diving on top of each other and rolling around on the ground and grunting and playing and ducking. It was pretty unusual.
Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are Film 2008The movie is about people and their fears and their
hopes, so that's what we were trying to emphasize while we were having a lot of fun.
Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are Film 2008

Forest Whitaker on the role that might get him an Emmy: He chats with Michelle Kung about ''The Shield,'' plus playing around on the set of ''Where the Wild Things Are''

half-puppet,half-computer-animated!! Dave Eggers script!

Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are Film 2008

Good News Goss: World's 2nd Richest Gives It Away
Because the value of Buffett's gifts are tied to a future, unknowable price of Berkshire, there is no way to put a total dollar value on them. But the number of shares earmarked to be given have a huge value today: $37 billion.

Friday, June 23, 2006


leave me behind

THE world is hotter than it has been for four centuries - and probably the hottest for 2,000 years - the United States' most prestigious scientific organisation said yesterday.

In a report to the US Congress, the National Academy of Sciences reported that the "recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia".

A panel of top climate scientists told politicians that the Earth is heating up and that "human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming". - Daily Scotsman

Chappelle Said Boycott but The Lost Eps run Sunday

Dave Chappelle Drug Awareness Day

Having been unable to get Chappelle back, the network has pieced together the sketches he did before bolting and named them "Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes."

The clips in the first episode take direct aim at what was then the comedian's newfound fortune.

In the first, he's seen trying to convince a barber that he doesn't get paid much on cable. Just then, BET reports that he's getting $55 million. Suddenly, the price of his haircut goes to $11,000. Later, a guy washing his car jacks up the price, too.

"You're the richest funniest man in America," the guy tells Chappelle.

Chappelle is also hauled into an IRS office. The feds want more since he's making more.

Chappelle's bodyguard is shot there, and his last words are: "Your greed did this to me, Dave. ... You didn't have to do two more seasons. You know they're going to say it's not as good as last year."

It's a funny moment, and one that offers an interesting take on Chappelle's departure, which he told Oprah Winfrey occurred because he was stressed out and so disgusted with his work he began to feel "like a prostitute."

Aaron Spelling Dies at 83

TV mogul Aaron Spelling, whose unparalleled string of hits ran from The Mod Squad in the '60s to today's 7th Heaven, died in his mansion near Beverly Hills on Friday. He was 83.

Spelling passed away at 6:25 p.m., his publicist, Kevin Sasaki, tells PEOPLE. The cause of death was complications from the stroke he'd suffered on June 18.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ryan Seacrest comes out! As bi! (wishing and hoping)

Ryan Seacrest comes out! As bi! (wishing and hoping)

In an effort to clear up all those nasty gay rumors, Ryan Seacrest told Vince Vaughn he wanted to do him on a recent interview with the actor on his L.A. radio show. Seriously.
Dude, I'm totally into girls... but you're at the top of my hump island when it comes to guys!"
Read more at Idontlikeyouinthatway

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy HOT

From Wizbang Pop!
Swear I read somewhere Jim Carrey had gone born-again. Which is why I wondered about his MTV Movie Award spectacle, with the wings and angels, and MTV using heavenly light filters when he appeared on stage.

But they are both VERY talented people, and it's nice to see two coming together.

Scientology is the Devil

Hubbard policy of 25 February 1966, 'Attacks on Scientology,'...states, Scientology must respond to attacks by '...attacking the attackers only. NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers.


[...]Because of the continued refusal to cooperate, Lyn [Froyland]
was rapidly assigned to the RPF's RPF. This was several steps down
from the RPF, in the boiler room under the Ft. Harrison hotel
building. It was a dark, filthy, smelly place where the huge
boilers roared and clanked day and night and where the rats lived.
Lyn was chained to a pipe down there for weeks, under guard.

-- Hana (Eltringham) Whitfield, 4/4/94, (Declaration in Church
of Scientology v. Fishman & Geertz, No. CV 91-6426, US Central

California District Court)

So they're gonna kill this guy, right?
Read all about it at
According to Roecker, whose encounter was first reported on LA's KROQ-FM's Kevin and Bean Show, the invective started to fly after he made several references to Scientology theology and its reported central tenent, the story of Xenu.

Roecker says Jenna repeatedly said "What crimes have you committed?" and began screaming at Roecker, "Have you raped a baby?" as motorists on Los Feliz Boulevard drove by in snarled traffic.

Roecker says it appears that Bodhi Elfman prepared to take a swing at him, but thought against it.

Bizarrely, Roecker also says that the Elfmans had a young, twenty-something male companion with them whom they continually instructed to move away and cover his ears whenever references to Xenu were made.

Check out this site, I'd always heard Scientologists actively went after anyone who was against them, but this website takes the cake.

"Other faiths also have been the targets of anti-religious violence. Extremists in the United States have fire-bombed Baptist churches and have defaced Jewish synagogues. "

The first person on the list helps run Clambake, "Undressing Scientologists since 1996" (

So not a South Park fan, but their history of Xenu is funny.

Penthouse Interview With L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

"Scientology and all the other cults are one-dimensional, and we live in a three-dimensional world. Cults are as dangerous as drugs. They commit the highest crime: the rape of the soul." L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

2004 Election Stolen, Also Bush in Closet (Gay)

Some Might Call It Treason: An Open Letter to Salon

June 16, 2005 -- NEW YORK (Mark Crispin Miller) -- Two weeks ago, Rolling Stone came out with "Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election?" -- a masterful investigative piece by Robert Kennedy, Jr., arguing that Bush & Co. stole their "re-election" in Ohio, and pointing out exactly how they did it. Primarily because of Kennedy's good reputation, and the mainstream credibility of Rolling Stone, the article has finally opened many eyes that had been tightly shut to the grave state of American democracy.

One week after Kennedy's article appeared, Salon posted an attack upon it by Farhad Manjoo, the magazine's technology reporter. That piece contained so many errors of fact and logic, and was throughout so brazenly wrong-headed, that several hundred readers sent in angry letters, many of them brilliantly refuting some of Manjoo's misconceptions and mistakes, and quite a few demanding that Salon cancel their subscriptions.From

A few days later, Joan Walsh, Salon's editor, tried to calm the storm with a defense of Manjoo's writings on the theft of the 2004 election -- a theft that he had frequently addressed before, as he had been trying to "debunk"it ever since that infamous Election Day. Walsh did not answer any of the criticisms of Manjoo's attack, but merely re-asserted Salon's confidence in all his work for them.


June 4, 2006—Las Vegas—This Monday, George W. Bush will address the nation, calling for a constitional amendment to ban gay marriage. If he does not admit that he's a gay American (or perhaps bisexual), this speech will be as false as all his other public statements.

Too bad I won't be doing the rebuttal. In 1984 I watched George W. Bush enthusiastically and expertly perform a homosexual act on another man, one Victor Ashe. - Decide For Yourself and remember J. Edgar Hoover

Turtle's a Rich Bitch: Entourage, Sun, 9pm EST HBO

Entourage's Jerry Ferrara (daTurtle!) talks about the LA lifestyle, free sneakers and the joys of room service.

You must be enjoying a few of the fringe benefits of being a working actor in LA.

Well you know what it is, it's just weird because when you're broke, you're with the same pair of sneakers for
two years. But once you get a little bit of money and you start doing well, everyone sends you s*** for free. I still can't really grasp this concept. I mean, I haven't paid for a pair of sneakers in a year and a half. I can't understand it. And I have like two hundred pairs now, so I give some to my friends. It's just unbelievable. Four years ago I was wearing the same Nikes, cleaning them up with Clorox bleach cleaner.

Do you find it hard to be an actor if you're shy?

No, because it's a whole different kind of shyness. With acting, I'm not shy because it's almost like an excuse to do these things. If I have to go hit on some girl and make a complete fool out of myself, which is something I'd never do in real life - just walk up to some girl and ask her to have sex - I'd never, ever do that in real life. Ever. But you know as an actor, doing it on a TV show, it's just entertainment. It's like a get out of jail free card. [LAUGHTER] So it's kind of liberating. I live a little vicariously through the character. But I'm definitely fifty-fifty split down the middle about how much I'm like him.

Have people been coming out of the woodwork since you've been on Entourage?

Well, not really. There are some situations where people that you vaguely knew back in high school, or a few years ago, will invite you over to dinner, and I don't even know where they live. But it's not a crazy situation where they're coming out of the woodwork. Every now and then I'll hear, "I saw so-and-so the other day, he said to tell you hello and we've got to hang out." I'm like, who? Honestly I don't know who that is, I'm not even being a jerk. I really don't know who that is. [LAUGHS]

Well it will be real interesting to see where the show takes you next. And it seems like with time, the interest in the show is getting beyond some of the Hollywood stuff and has become a little bit more about the characters.

Yeah, I think that's starting to happen. The first season everybody was obsessed with Mark Wahlberg's involvement - is he gonna be in the show, is he gonna direct episodes, stuff like that. And rightfully so - the kid's a gigantic movie star. And people still want to talk to Mark - they go nuts for that guy. But we've kind of grown up a little bit, and we got our own personality now. So people are a little more interested in the show itself, and that's all you hope for. That's what Mark's hoping for too.

Read it all, pretty funny!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Looks Like Someone Finally Told Jake The World Thinks Him Gay

Personally, I wished all the discussion of Toothy Tile* had included the possibility of bisexuality. Even so I couldn't imagine Jake being the closested homo folk thought. Neither did Defamer, for the most part.

But I appreciated that Jake didn't go out of his way to flaunt heterosexuality during the Brokeback Funny days.

Then I watch him at the this month's MTV Movie Awards avoiding hugs from men, acting ANTI-GAY; not at all cool.

Oh, well here's some Best of Brokeback Mountain clips.

*My bet's on Eddie Murphy.

Anatomy's Izzy Getting Married

Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl is engaged to musician Josh Kelley, according to People magazine. The "Grey's Anatomy" star and her fiance have not set a wedding date, representatives told the magazine.

Was just watching one of her earliest roles, in my fav, King of the Hill. The 1994 Steven Soderbergh gem. She was one of the great unfamous teen actresses of the 90's, even before Roswell and Grey's Anatomy.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) .... Sarah Ryback
My Father the Hero (1994) .... Nicole
King of the Hill (1993) .... Christina Sebastian
That Night (1992) .... Kathryn ... aka One Hot Summer

Beyonce hates animals?

PETA "ambushes" Beyonce

Animals might eat one another, but wearing each other is a bit out of line, no?