Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google Stays Good! Happy Billion To You!

Basically Google's carbon footprint was so massive, they weren't meeting the mission statement, "do no evil". That'd be my take on it. Google understands as I do, the potenial benefits to the world because of their practical, pragmatic approach to creating real success from irrational dreams. Good to see. I'll keep watching, but so far ultimate power has not led to ultimate corruption, and I wish them much luck in their quest to open up the 700 band. Different kind of line to god, to goddess, to it, to nothing, to something. Let's all take a silent moment, a few seconds, to hope.

In a conference call Tuesday with reporters, Sergey
, Google’s other founder and president of technology, said the effort
was motivated in part by the company’s frustrating search for clean, cheap
energy alternatives.

“It’s very hard to find options that aren’t coal-based or other dirty
technologies,” he said. “We don’t feel good about being in that situation as a
company. We feel hypocritical. We want to make investments happen so there will
be alternatives for us to use down the road.” Both founders declined to specify
what the company now spends on energy. success. Can mean a lot of money, can just mean a better world. - NYTimes plays reverse psychology, fingers crossed fingers crossed?

In other Google News...sorry I missed the announcement...google has over 1 billion listings!

At least that's what I think those results mean, anybody got an idea?

What I originally set out to memorize, google.com/search?q={insert search term

Search, Question mark, q ='s....got it.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Save The World Cheerleader!

most of the time i'm sympathetic but not vocal to protesting torture and killing of animals. mostly cause there's not enough time in the day to save the entire world, altho it seems the cheerleader is trying. go hayden! this makes me just LOVE her as a person, brave perhaps foolishly so, but damn girl go do your thing! (finger snap). Check the video out, those fisherman were not playing along with the cheerleader, watch them ram them and nearly suck them under with their propeller. Superscary!


Or save some kids, cause a lot of them die these days too.