Sunday, December 25, 2016

FaythBeat: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Need To Know (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Appreciate. Purchase at the link.

Once a poet, always: 100% (2006)


(spoken word piece by Faith Cheltenham, circa 2006)

The smallest majority has been missing from the united authority.
Thousands of years
no women in class
no different brain to test
and then re-test
Welcome to my scientific method's  historical perspective.

My theory has never been women are best, just a simple idea:
make society whole
an addition of the other 49 percent
to the 50, maybe 49.9 men
just trying to equal a hundred percent.

Feminism isn't just women on top, or an
"unbalancing of natural order".

Instead it questions, what has always been best
lying in the mud
picking off fleas
living fancy free
as sumthin after ape and monkey
in fact many great minds agree
our ancestors once lived in somewhat separate societies
males come ravishing and ravaging
women are forced flat on their backs
pelvic bone evolve from aggression?
just a small crack at someone's "history" of sex.

Then in 2005 came a published study on the female g-spot
within are hypersurrealpulsingfleshyinsides nerves a twitching a tingling
Women themselves sit on a fount of sexual feeling but only 26% us regularly come?
And while we're at it, why is Cosmopolitan the only reputable source
with current information on this horrifying situation?

See the deep flaw in forgotten history lessons and see thaw the balance.
Separate spheres are what historians call it
Women living whole lives without being recognized
I could leave you to ponder what it would be like if women made 100 percent, 
instead I'll tell you more of what I spent years studying
and study still since.

It's not easy carving a path out of the male road
bringing the bone back
to suggest I'm already whole
and it's more than the bible that gets me going 
when creative evolution intelligently designed by men
is now again on my mind.

Some demand answers from me
don't you consider yourself well-read?"
I shake my head and chuckle thinking about this hundred percent.

For I've been 'round the world and back
in a boat called a book
traveling lanes of time
attempting in vain to have considered
every great moment of "man":
Been to the Nile and seen Cleopatra,
"Too much inbreeding" and "Chick was Ugly dude"?
And how was it that she captivated Caesars, strategically planned, got hitched to an empire and then screwed up for the wrong man?
Seen Boudica rallying tribes in the cold and Sheba and her gold.
Visited Vietnam where Trung Trae and Trung Nhi led 80,000 to rebellious victory, 40AD.
Zenobia and her version of Arabian Nights, minting her own money to call Rome out for a fight
or Candace on elephant holding Ethiopia tight, denying even Alexander the Great; 
A line of women warrior queens lasting 300 years, yet of THEM what have we heard?
Salaym Bint Malham fought with Muhammad, armor of swords and daggers, strapped round her pregnant belly. Yes, this happened, really!

Studying them that were forever victors in name means most times
we only hear of women losing battles
Or we only hear the tales of their death rattle.

Without a proper sense of context,
how can you know the world's missing half it's head?
The most dangerous stupidity.

Women have the highest risk for heart disease 
but I suppose it makes men feel better about our longevity?
Shouldn't it anger us all that it was only real recently figured 
that interactions with testosterone keep female hearts from properly pumping?
Medical selves aside, there's also other wounds women take, day after day,
a way we live our whole lives
in a wake:
The delivery guy we accidentally let in
while searching for change to give him
just the men unknown
let's not forget that in 2004
the FBI said 50 percent!
of ALL women
will be domestically battered sometime in their lives
Laci Petersen and child float up from the mire
and men snatch life after life sometimes with a on-camera smile.

C'mon you'll get it
we've got to get to 100 percent!
What this then mean?
GIRLS on football teams?
G.I. Jill fighting in combat?
President Clinton part deux?
Well, jeez haven't we already had Bush II?
Don't women prove themselves in battle again and again?
After they're trotted out like Lassie
"OH how brave to do something
no one knew you could
how brave of you to live".

Let's do that all the time.

I'll tell you a secret,
though you can Google it easy
over the last 50 years the female birth rate's been rising
also people are beginning to value a girl for a kid
for the first time there are lower numbers of female infants dying
May sheer numbers soon = 100 %