Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gymnasts Do It Better, Throwing Punches Especially

2008 USA Olympic Team "Spiritual and Social Leader" (wikipedia) Has Some Punch!
Props to ONTD's winniecooper

(Free Tibet tho, yo. Roll like Jesse Owens did. Power to the people)

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Cool thing, me on the Black Panel at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con

OMG, what a goddamn honor. I was on a panel with Reggie Hudlin, BET pres, Dwayne McDuffy, BET Animation head/comic legend, Method Man from Wutang and a host of other cool ass people. And I sat next to Method Man. At first I was like oh well, not a damn question on anything but comics. The Captain America who showed in full costume, was tight tho. But then I just figured what the hell do I have to lose, might as well make some funnies. Michael Davis who headed the panel, at one point said, well Faith works in corporate would you care to give us some perspective? I leaned into the mic and said ever so politely, why yes Michael I do work for the white folks. And the audience was like what? did she say that?, and everyone busted up. Sooner than later I had Method Man laughing his ass off and actually hugging me with his really attractive seemingly married self. It was great I got good props from a lot of folks and had people coming up to me telling me they hella enjoyed it, thanks for being there. I was so happy I could be there to show women of color are in it to win it. Mad amazing thanks to Michael Davis for moderating and putting the panel together!

Here's a bad clip from my camera phone. It felt a bit weird to be on a panel, and shooting it myself so I only took this little bit at the end, just so ya know I was sitting next to Brick City himself, Method Man!

Do people have to change the race of their characters? "Denys and I walked out of meeting with a big development person who asked if we could make him a white guy?"

"Don't listen to people like that," Cowan said. "When I got into comic books, I drew what characters appealed to me, but it wasn't in order to get a job, I had to draw white characters. I wanted to do Deathlok, I wanted to do Power Man and iron Fist, I wanted to do Black Panther. But I also wanted to do Batman, and did."

"You have to have self confidence," Cheltenham said. "Sometimes that comes across as bitch, and Kimora Lee Simmons said that's okay. She's fabulous, so I'm gonna go with that." - CBR

Read an excellent recount of the panel over at Comic Book Resources, minus, it is