Monday, December 10, 2018

The Memorist That's Me!

Just call me the memoirist.
People often say they remember me.
And I can't forget sh**, and just filled out a new HSAM research request UCI had sent me, so...


Reality for me? Just temporarily misplacing, or actively trying to forget, more things than the rest of humanity, and nonetheless it just comes back screaming to life over and over again like Groundhog Day (the movie remains a small personal comfort).


But. Living with hyperthymesia is fine, useful even. I hunt those oppression would use with it some days, on others I work on sharing a new sys with the public featuring my library of screenshots, and those like mine for my various cases in a new and innovative way. Partly book, partly website, all me. A lot of white people need to read themselves NOW I think, what they said THEN, ya know?

For the last year and half, I've also been working with a therapist who's diagnosed me with hyperthymesia. Which has led to realization after realization and I've found some handy new ways to protect myself from folks who've leveraged me against my own benefit, and those I love and support.

A lot of times that looks like making sure I also get a part of the blessing, not just be part of always bestowing it. Sometimes it looks like asking for help.

No more one way wrong streets, metaphorically or hopefully otherwise!
And not hanging out with toxicity while I do, MARVELOUS! Just The Best!

Also? The memoirist ain't so far away from mammaries,
and with a chest like mine; that. works. for me.

Size H salute and I'm out,

Faith Cheltenham, @thefayth
Independent Black Liberation Worker, Bisexual Intersex Activist, Writer, Comic and Memorist (Join Faith’s 100k+ followers)