Monday, September 05, 2022

Now speaking Spanish, French, German, Italian and Mandarin

Thanks to the app Duolingo I've spent some time learning to speak more languages, or at least understand more of the basics. Speaking of basic, maybe I'd like to create a BASIC language based on the many similarities I'm tracking as I seek to leverage my hyperthymesia, or inability to forget, to learn more, and enjoy life while doing so. 

For many years, even before I knew I had a world-class memory, I struggled to exist alongside an entire world of people who did not share same. One coping mechanism was simply to never compete against them, so that way I wouldn't always win.

Winning becomes boring when you're the best at reading, at school, at simple games, at complex games, or often know more than entire MENSA meeting put together...simply because you can't forget AND you enjoy learning.

This week's results from Duolingo Diamond Tour

Instead of crying in my cups about something I can't change, I've decided to compete, even if only against myself and my previous achievements. Where possible I'll try to allow normals to take first spot, as I'm not after the awards as much as the ability to test myself against those of similar ability. 

If you have less ability the world should conform to support your life and ability to live, should not it be similar for those with more to offer? 

Which means, for the first time in life, I am looking back, as I seek to run forward. 

Salve! Hola! Bonjour! 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)! Hallo! Ciao!

Faith CheltenhamX

(listening to: Break My Soul - QUEENS Remix by Beyoncé)